Des spectacles tout le weekend!

While the Big Air World Cups are on, not a second goes by without any action. We’ve lined up three big shows to make sure you have an awesome time all weekend long.
Check out the double bill on Saturday, March 24! Right at 3 pm, the Corona Zone is where it’s at for the very best of ska punk with The Planet Smashers. You’d better believe it, the Life of the Party is going to be right here at the Jamboree!

And because there’s nothing like a shot of adrenaline between two shows, right after the Freestyle Ski World Cup, Valaire take to the stage to rock it out at L’Îlot-Fleurie! No doubt their mixes are going to set the stage for a thrilling snowboard final!


Since their formation in 1994 in Montreal, THE PLANET SMASHERS have been a staple of the underground scene with their blend of ska laced with pop. Their first albums were an instant success with the local crowd, and they soon went on to take North America by storm. In spite of the industry’s top players’ efforts to lead them astray, the band have always preferred to chart their own course. Two decades later, few independent bands even come close to THE PLANET SMASHERS. With eight albums under their belt and sales verging on the million, not to mention countless North-American and European tours, THE PLANET SMASHERS are here to stay.


Formerly known as Misteur Valaire, this local group dropped the fancy title for their fifth album, Oobopopop, in 2016. Why not? That’s what their tens of thousands of fans were calling them, anyway—VALAIRE! Riding high on some sweet homegrown and European tours, and a whole whack of awards and nominations, the group knows how to put on one heck of a show. This eclectic quintet with funky soul electro-jazz hip-hop rock influences draws on more than ten years of experimentation and flights of fancy to deliver a sexy new show that’ll make you want to get up and dance—and party all night.


The Hangovers are a group of three friends who love to laugh, have fun, play music and get the party started! They might have only formed in 2005, but 90s punk rock, as well as rock and alternative covers from earlier decades are all part of their repertoire. See The Hangovers on stage and you’ll be rocking out to Green Day, Rancid, The Black Keys, Cheap Trick, Foo Fighters, Pennywise, Pearl Jam, Bad Religion, Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, NOFX, CCR, The Ramones and much more. Strong instrumentals and vocal harmony make every Hangovers show an absolute blast.