Where’s the Jamboree happening in 2017?

The Jamboree is happening at two separate sites. The Big Air World Cup will take place at L’Îlot Fleurie in downtown Quebec City and the Slopestyle World Cup will be held at Stoneham Mountain Resort.


Does it cost anything to get onto the Jamboree event sites?

No, you can access the event sites free of charge.


Will there be parking on site?

The parking lot at Stoneham Mountain Resort is open at all times and it’s free of charge for visitors. For L’Îlot Fleurie, there are plenty of pay-parking lots nearby.


Can I bring my own alcohol on site?

No. There will be bars on site serving alcohol, and you are not permitted to bring your own alcohol to the events.


Will there be food on site?

Yes, Stoneham Mountain Resort offers a range of dining options. There will be a food truck on site at L’Îlot Fleurie for the evening of the event on Saturday, February 11.


Can I watch the training runs and qualifications?

Yes, these sessions are open to the public. See the full program here.


Is there any transportation available between Quebec City and Stoneham?

There is no shuttle bus service, but you can take advantage of our partnership with Amigo Express (Kangaride) to get from one site to the other. See their website


Will there be any ATMs on site?

Yes, there will be ATMs at both event sites.


Will there be any washrooms on site?

Yes, the washrooms at Stoneham Mountain Resort will be open to the public, and there will be chemical toilets on site at L’Îlot Fleurie.