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Big Air

FIS Big Air Snowboard Worldcup

There aren’t a whole bunch of urban snowboard ramps out there. And World Cup events right downtown are an even rarer thing. FIS Snowboard World Cup is coming back again this year to Quebec City’s St-Roch neighbourhood!

And because the athletes are judged not only on their style and how they stick their landing, but also how risky a move they pull, there’ll be plenty of action for you to feast your eyes on!


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Athletes to Watch

Maxence Parrot

Laurie Blouin

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Tuesday, 12 March
09:20 - 14:30Snowboard › Big AirTrainings, Men and Women -
Wednesday, 13 March
15:00 - 20:10Snowboard › Big AirTrainings, Men and Women -
Friday, 15 March
10:00 - 12:57Snowboard › Big AirQualifications, Women -
13:00 - 18:17Snowboard › Big AirQualifications, Men -
Saturday, 16 March
19:00 - 19:45Snowboard › Big AirTrainings, Men and Women - R2
20:00 - 21:22Snowboard › Big AirFinals, Men and Women -
21:32 - 21:47Snowboard › Big AirFinals, Men and Women - Cérémonie des fleurs et remise des fleurs